It been a while since Charlotte Vale dropped in and hung out for a while  so we thought we would make her return special. We pin her against the wall  and with custom metal bondage devices  we hang her out to dry. No feet touching the ground  suspended and utterly helpless. Then we bring it  starting with some light tickling  but we soon find that simple act brings Charlotte to tears  just the though of being helpless and tickled is to much for Charlotte to process. This girl would do anything not to be tickled and I mean anything. Charlotte collects herself  so we move on to nipple torture  brutal flogging of the tits and pussy. We assault her helpless body until it is red and beginning to bruise. Then we lock a vibrator on her sensitive clit  jam a huge dildo up her shaved wet cunt  and turn on the power on high. Charlotte is impaled  deep and hard. Charlotte's body is amazing  it lets her cum over and over  with no hope of stopping the orgasms. Each gets more powerful  they cum in waves  and soon Charlotte is in subspace. The special place where a person forgets who they are  why they are  all they know are orgasms  and they can do nothing to stop them. At one point it looks like Charlotte passes out  so a hard face slap brings her back  her eyes are empty  and no one is home.
Perched with all of her weight resting on her whore pussy  Kristina is subjected to grueling pain. Her legs are pulled back to intensify the pressure  her arms are stretched out to the side to make sure she can't avoid her suffering. Her body is covered in pegs  in all of the sensitive spots  then beaten off  leaving the room full screams. Kristina is then moved to the floor and put in a device that has her legs spread as wide as they will go. Her weight is now balancing on one knee and her chest  which is making breathing difficult. Her feet are tortured and her ass is flogged. A large ass hook is inserted and tied to her head  and then her cunt is fucked hard. Now it's time to make this whore fly in a leather and chain suspension. Her pussy is fucked again  and this time The Pope doesn't stop until she has had so many orgasms that she is drained of all of her juices.
Nothing gives more pleasure to horny Vanessa than humiliating disobedient guys like that, and today the brutal mistress from Russia invites you to enjoy the freshest femdom pictures! Make yourselves comfortable and view the sets, featuring Vanessa *** her naughty slave to feet licking after hard lashing. She won't let him go until he turns all sex fantasies of the babe into reality.
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